Well Known Spicies Ypes of Oranda Fish

Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

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  •  Red White oranda
Oranda with red and white in his body ... treatment of the same color with red oranda just use red food coloring to white.. it must be observed intensity should not be excessive because of the risk makes the pattern of wide red and white sections megotori.. cessation of feed additives can be stopped if the red color has reached the desired results..
Some hobbyists use wheat germ pellets to keep the white color to keep clean.. 

  • White Oranda
Oranda with a full white color all over his body and fins ... If you are fed dyes, likely to cause red blotches so not full of white anymore.
  • Green Oranda (wild color)
Oranda is blackish-green or gray. In the goldfish with a genetic red, red and white, and black, the color green is the color that has not mutated. One time the color will be mutated according to the original color of these genetic mutations ... time is difficult to predict, there is a mutation of a small ad that also after the new jumbo mutations.
For the green color of the marriage or calico calico calico x x black, mostly green color will not change. This green color is called wild.
  • Black Oranda
Oranda has a black color all over his body. To distinguish the color blackgold, the bottom / chest oranda black body white, black gold is yellow.
  • Calcio Oranda

Calico or known by the five colors. This color pattern usually consists of a mix of black, red, yellow, white, and bluish black color which can be either spotted or "jamming block". Goldfish with this color have scales or scales transparent cherry type is the type of scales are not shiny and looks like no scales.
Although the five colors, there are also of this type that does not fully have five colors on its body. Details on this will be explained on the naming warna2 goldfish are more specific.
  • Blue Oranda

This is one color that is unique and quite rare. Actually the blue here is not really blue but the color is gray or silver and most of these colors combined with copper brown color. This blue color can be said permanent because almost certainly will not mutate again.
However there are also some cases of this color change to red and white where the silver to white and part brown to red.

  • Oranda Demikin (BARONGSAY)

Oranda with prominent eyes (dragoneyes). Got there in Jakarta, and then disappear suddenly. The black (black oranda demekin) nicknamed Bulldog.


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