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Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

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Oranda has a black and red / orange / yellow / gold on his body ... the naming of the black gold is used for a goldfish that has scales the color black gold metallic ... also called apache (less tau country that popularized this title, maybe thailand or singapore).
Usually this color is a process of mutation of the red oranda unfinished ... starts turning green and dark yellow color usually appears from the lower abdomen up to the top ...
If this process takes place in fish that have large (senior, jumbo) it will last a long time so that the black color will last ...
Hybrid of black red X can also produce color is black gold.
There are several ways that the trust can retain the black color with sunlight, water pemkaian with relatively low temperatures, clear water, the water is relatively high pH (7-8), non-feed use of color enhancers.

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